Get ready for the 4th edition of PURE//ACCELERATE

Looking forward to the fourth edition of Pure//Accelerate conference that is packed with over 100 breakout sessions. This year Accelerate conference is held at the Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX between Sep 16th and 18th.

This year I am very happy to present a breakout session on Splunk under the content type, Build a Data Hub titled “Deep Dive: Splunk SmartStore on FlashBlade”.

Splunk released a feature named SmartStore on their 7.2 version last October which disaggregates storage from compute that enables dynamic scaling of storage and server independently. Some of the benefits of SmartStore is the reduction in indexer servers resulting in lower TCO, simplified and improved indexer cluster maintenance. Pure Storage’s FlashBlade is one of the S3 compliant Object Storage systems that work with Splunk SmartStore.

If you are a Splunk customer, attending the Pure//Accelerate conference and would like to see how Splunk SmartStore on FlashBlade can help your environment, do attend this session. The session is scheduled for 2 pm on Tuesday, Sep 17th, 2019.

Apart from the above session, I am also co-presenting a couple of other sessions with my colleagues as listed below.

Data Protection Strategies to Enhance Oracle Database Operations with Rakesh Tikku on Tuesday 17th, 2019 at 11.15am.

How to Modernize Your Datawarehouse with Rob Ludeman on Tuesday 17th, 2019 at 4 pm.

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