Month: August 2016

Oracle Database cloning on Pure FlashArray – Part 1

Cloning an Oracle database whether it is on bare metal or virtual servers are breeze with Pure Storage’s FlashRecover snapshots. FlashRecover Snapshots are crash-consistent snapshots and as such it meets the requirements laid out by Oracle (MOS: ID 604683.1). Following are some of the Oracle database environment types we see in our customers; 1) Oracle …

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FlashRecover Snapshot

One of the key feature of Pure Storage FlashArray that is heavily used by most of the database customers is FlashRecover Snapshot.  Snapshot is a key part of the data protection services offered by all modern Storage vendors and Pure Storage has taken into next level with its implementation. Storage Snapshot is the point in …

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IO Plumbing tests with FIO

Flexible IO tester aka FIO is a open-source synthetic benchmark tool initially developed by Jens Axboe and now updated by various developers.   FIO can generate various IO type workloads be it sequential reads or random writes, synchronous or asynchronous, based on the options provided by the user.  FIO provides various global options through which different …

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