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Pure Storage

White PapersKnowledge Articles
Oracle RMAN on Pure Storage FlashBladeConfiguring Oracle dNFS
Oracle RMAN duplicate on FlashBladeOracle Database Quick Reference
Oracle Rapid backup and recovery on FlashBlade with CommvaultOracle Database Recommended settings for FlashArray
Recovering Oracle databases from FlashArray snapshots Reclaiming unused space in an Oracle Database on FlashArray
Commvault Intellisnap for Oracle databases on Pure Storage FlashArrayRecommended settings for Splunk SmartStore on Pure Storage
Splunk SmartStore on K8s with PX on FlashBladeArray Monitoring on Splunk with Pure Storage Unified Add-on and TA
Splunk Multisite SmartStore on FlashBlade – DR GuideHow to setup Splunk Multisite SmartStore with FlashBlade
Improving Splunk and Kafka Platforms with Cloud-Native technologiesNVMe-TCP setup and connectivity for Splunk

Reference ArchitecturesBest Practices
Oracle FlashStack with Pure Storage FlashBladeBest Practices for Oracle on FlashBlade
FlashStack CI for Splunk on Pure StorageBest Practices for Splunk on Pure Storage
Splunk SmartStore on Pure Storage FlashBladeBest Practices for Apache Kafka on K8s with Portworx

Pure Storage with Virtual Volumes for OracleSplunk Conf 2019 – Operational Efficiencies with Splunk SmartStore
Splunk with Pure Storage FlashArraySplunk Conf 2019 – Performance and Scale testing of Splunk Enterprise
Managing Modern data pipelines with Containerized Applications
Pure Performance: Drive simplicity for Log Analytics
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