ActiveCluster for Oracle RAC on Extended Distance Cluster

Very glad to have finished the white paper “Pure Storage ActiveCluster for Oracle RAC on Extended Distance Cluster” which is available at the following link.

ActiveCluster is the latest software feature added to the Purity operating system 5.0.0 of the Pure FlashArray that enables symmetric active-active bidirectional replication between two FlashArrays that provides zero RPO and automatic transparent failover for zero RTO.   As like any other software feature from Pure, this is totally free and doesn’t require any additional hardware or licenses.  Oracle customers can deploy a pair of FlashArrays with ActiveCluster at separate sites, creating clustered arrays that can be coupled with clustered hosts such as Oracle RAC for disaster-tolerant data center configurations.

The most impressive aspect of ActiveCluster is the mere simplicity.  You can get an ActiveCluster setup done within 4 steps and takes minutes than days.

In the White Paper, I have not only covered the implementation of ActiveCluster on an Extended Distance Oracle RAC along with some configuration guidelines and best practices but also performed some application performance tests (Thanks to Kevin Closson) with different configurations to show the application behavior.  The test results do not represent the maximum performance potential of either Oracle or FlashArrays but purely to show the application behavior and to drill down to the optimal configuration.

For more information on ActiveCluster, see this demo.

Here is another useful light board video which explains ActiveCluster.

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